Saturday 26 May 2012

Integration with Bugzilla Complete!

After my last post, I worked on the integration of Karma plugin with Bugzilla. Karma plugin now assigns to users of Connect, Karma points based on the severity of the bugs they fix. And that's not it, you get a  "Bug Squasher" badge for attaining a  high score.

The best part, Bugzilla uses the same email id for registration that users register themselves with on Connect. Extracting a list of resolved bugs by a user linked with the email id of user on Connect was pretty simple :)

Others on the list are integration with Twitter for tweets about OpenSUSE, OBS activities, planet opensuse posts. I plan to distribute karma based on user activities on these, but I would really encourage people to come with ideas and let me know if I could use other sources too, to assign Karma points. 

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